Visit to the cemetery and Dad’s birthday

Sybil Taylor stands with family next to her father's grave in a cemetery.

Sybil Taylor

His memory is a legacy and his spirit lives on forever and ever. Out of sickness and his pain that he was suffering, never again will he suffer again. He has a new body and he has been restored by Jesus. He has his new robe and halo and his angel wings. Shouting Amen!! 

No more cancer, no more suffering. He is shouting for joy and is praising God, “Hallelujah,” with a great beautiful angel smile. Lovely fresh are beautiful trees, surrounded by beautiful flowers, humming birds, all colors and a lovely, heavenly scent. 

Beautiful angels are flying all day, beautiful food of all kinds. On July 22, my Dad’s birthday, I and my family went to visit Dad at the cemetery. We all were in tears of joy. We placed flowers and a wreath. Balloons of Happy Birthday were placed on the grave.  

We all got a chance to speak to him and we all spoke peacefully to him with tears. He was glad that we visited him, smiling, resting in peace; afterwards, we had a small celebration over at my mom’s house in tribute to my Dad. Now his birthday is in Heaven with Jesus and the rest of his loved ones, his family all reunited as one. Dad is enjoying himself. He has seen millions of celebrities.  

Dad, we are here for you, missing your smile and alone without us. One day we will all see you. We really miss you Dad. I wish that we could spend all day in Heaven with you, talking and laughing with you. If God could let us in to visit you, one invitation pass, and enter the golden Gates of Heaven, going up the stairway, to Heaven, and God would lead us to you. Henry Matthew Taylor, this visit would be very nice. 

To see my father, looking good, smiling, in his Heavenly robe and halo and his Heavenly wings, he would sit with us at a glass table, saying I miss all of you so much. I’ve been gone for 4 years. He hugged us and kissed us. We all cried. We all had a million questions to ask him. The heavenly trip was very nice. It was beautiful, with fresh scents of frankincense and myrrh.  

No more suffering there. Our visit was worthwhile. Dad we love you. Rest in peace. Enjoy your birthday celebration in Heaven. This is your biggest birthday celebration. With all the family and from both sides, my Dad’s side and Mom’s side. Lovely visit in Heaven and the grave site. 

We love you so much, Dad.

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