Illustration by Nikila Smith

Is there a cure for what I have?
I became infected when you touched my heart
now I’m out here in these streets
moving, but standing still
this virus
is shutting me down
I don’t want to admit

I always wanted a family
now it’s just me
did you ever love me?

You were infected long before me
were you my first love
I can admit you are the first
I have wanted to
explore life with
I felt like I had everything
with you

the things I gave to you
meant so much to me
you started a chain reaction
of hurt

you held me back
I was never able to pursue life
by myself
I was wrong for wanting to grow
as husband and wife

I know love because of anger
I would have respected you saying
everything that a man can do
to hurt you, I will do

honesty was not an option
the virus had you spreading lies
infecting on contact

the man in my dreams
has disappeared
appearing as new

I have an angry smile
when my heart stops beating
and yours stops
you were supposed to be
next to me

I should have kept my body armor on
now the virus has claimed me

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