Try to understand, it could happen to you

Homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign.

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It’s hard but fair to go through what I go through. Especially when both of my parents are deceased. In my issues, situations of where I came from were very dramatic. My struggle was always back in time, committed crime, in court and survived my time doing time! 

I recently just got out of prison and I’m trying to change and turn my life around in a way that meets the goals I have set for myself. Taking the necessary steps to achieve these goals, means one day I will achieve them. The Creator knows best. 

I say to you all, as person to person, man to man, man to woman: Before you look and judge a person that’s on the street trying to survive and earn enough money to at least meet the day’s needs, remember it can happen to you.  

The Creator works in mysterious ways. So, don’t judge a book by its cover. Life is too short to be disliking another person because of how they look, how they make their living, or what they do in life.  

Try to understand the ways other people are living, going through day to day, and what’s on their mind. Attitudes come in many forms. However, respect the mind frame of people as you would like for them to respect yours.  

As I still contemplate how to begin making a living, all I can do is pray to my higher power to bless, protect, and guide me to a perfect way of living. 

My Creator has been good to me. Some of you, as law-abiding citizens, honest in your living day by day, can relate to what I have been saying. If you can spend your honest and hard-earned money after you paid your bills, you can have an open mind with a good-intentioned heart to help those less fortunate than you — then you’ve achieved a certain level of open-mindedness.  

And I can tell you, that’s what The Post Office mail crew does for me and others. So do the people in the building at 1200 and M Street, with the Daily Grill crew as well. You, as an individual, can give. You can help. Every little bit helps.  

So, I end this by saying God Bless you with a positive way to live. 

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