A man to a king

When he was made we
created him in his image
one created him perfectly
beautiful, wise, honorable,
honest, pure.

We loved him with all our hearts.
That’s the reason we made him.
Some are beautiful, wise, and strong.
They know this because
they love God.
When they wake up,
they pray to the one
who created them all,
who never lets any
of us down.
His love is for all of us
is equal, so he loves
us always.

When he woke up,
when he passes on
a king, he knows his
place in this world.
A king knows his role in life.
He gets love every day
because he loves and
respects everyone with
that same respect.

So when it’s over, he knows
where he is and that he still
loves us with honor, respect,
loyalty and unconditional love.
He loves his family, his mother,
his brothers and his sisters equally.
He cares for everyone.

His love for God is always
pure and just. A king knows
when he’s one we respect,
we care for and love.
I love and respect my king
even one with the biggest beer belly.
I show them love.
They know it’s not
weight or size. They
truly love you for
who you are. They love
themselves unconditionally
without fault.
They love God who
turned man into a king.

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