To My Moms and Twin

Credit: Chechi Peinado

It was so amazing to have received your love, and I will follow you to the moon and stars above, even after you left me.

Love. I’ve dedicated this to all the people who I ever truly or really loved, plus those knowing my darkest hours are just before my dawn. And all of my feelings that Moms and my twin taught me in the game called life, come over me.

And I recall this lady and a time; this lady led me to believe she needed someone to be kind. Yes, I was blind. Moms would have said beware, there is danger there. But I was spinning ground and fooling myself that I was falling in love.

She said “Why don’t you step into my world and she said she would make me king. When I forgot Lou, Moms already told me years that my love already was and is king.

Yet those saying you should have known better, you, who is the master of some games, some that we can’t even name.

I should have been hip to her weak game, but everyone plays the fool, sometime. There are no exceptions to anybody’s rules. Yet that was no ordinary love.

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