The signs

These times and the signs. Is the republic dying? Old school, new rules of engagement. The lies being told have become contagious to everyday Americans. I dare say. Liz, what a wiz. She is a true patriot. Not good enough to serve Trump. Put out the word. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are things of the past for the new Republicans who dared to ask, “Did the former guy really lose? Did he abuse his power in the Trump Towers? Will justice find any man just like death in the Lord’s time?” 

I see the signs of a republic dying a slow death. Democracy is being put up on a shelf. Is there anyone? Help. Adam serves his country with pride. One Republican who stood above the lies to do so had to retire from being a Republican representative. Another sign of these times when lies outweigh the truth. We should all do what Alaska does. One man, one vote, no party lines to tote the republic. Can’t stand not being beholden to one man. Some people say he has lied over 35,000 times to the republic. Is that a sign that the republic is dying a slow death independently? 

I would love to see Liz and Adam be the next nominees for president of the Republicans. That would be a sign that the republic has survived all these lies told by one former guy who made sure the signs 

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