The right to see

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In the United States of America, there is a right for people to see! Any questions?

Every living creature has senses to understand the universe, and is able to have a healthy organism to see the world and a nation that protects our rights. To freely perceive everything is so fortunate for all, so necessary to survive with liberty and purpose in the trials of life. I’ve been having vision problems since I can recollect, but lately, the problems are brain-related.

I’ve been forced to leave the island where I was born in search of medical attention because doctors in the archipelago of Puerto Rico are nowhere to be found. Our medical professional services were decimated and our hospital infrastructure was severly damaged. The economic “human trade offer” has always been the backbone of the government of the United States of America’s imperialist, exploitative nature. The people of the invaded nation of Puerto Rico and all of our land and resources have been exploited. 

“We the people…” are the product to maintain the colony that nurtures the empire of “SOME,” for the entire world to see. 

The money paid for work done in the continental United States is more than double the salaries in our “non-incorporated territorial/colony” at our islands of Puerto Rico, in some instances, a lot more than double, sometimes as much as the ultimate price.

To clean the face of the colonial and imperialist nature of our invaded and slowly annihilated Caribbean culture, at a global forum legitimized by the United Nations, we are a “commonwealth.” 

The truth is Puerto Rico is being submitted and enslaved resolutely, with strategic economic and political forces designed for our extinction and our political status. The definition contained in Article II of the United Nations Convention described genocide as “a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part…”

Any questions?

At SOME (So Others May Eat), there is a group of professionals of the highest order. People with a true vocation in all their services, total quality, simple efficiency, a wholehearted place with integrity where if you can’t afford to get glasses to be able to see, they will find a way to have you a pair of glasses perfectly and professionally manufactured. 

I was walking through life without glasses for SOME years, but not anymore, thanks to SOME unique people in the United States of America. There is a right to see!

To see, analyze, act upon and remind our powerful “minority” communities, who were and are still enslaved and forced to work, deprived of full human dignity, because of disparities and inequality. Those who truly built this nation and still are marked with generational scars honed with the sweat, blood and tears of our true “American” nation builders for us to see, and to see justice! 

In honor of the African slaves who built this nation and still suffer the consequences of this human trade, in honor of the Native American people who were decimated to create a nation who still suffer and barely survives, and of all Puerto Rican people who are displaced in a forceful economical imperialist displacement.

Colonialism is human trade and a genocidal tactical exercise against humanity. Freedom for all!

Gracias Garcias is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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