The moral crusaders and the lynch mob mentality

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I didn’t favor calling for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign. Being African American, I was appalled seeing a sitting governor in a photo wearing blackface next to a person dressed up as a Klansman. However, the Christian in me didn’t want to seek revenge or enact punishment but to forgive those that once engaged in white supremacy. This isn’t because I believe racism has in any way subsided but because I learned resentments make you just as vicious and ugly as the people you loathe.  

It’s not good for my long-term sanity to be aggrieved about things that occured before I was born. My ancestors died so I can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented — not to relitigate Robert E. Lee. Slavery is America’s original sin and whether on earth or in heaven, those that engaged in evil will be judged by how they treated the less fortunate.  

The reason Social Justice Warriors want Northam to resign is not because of these photos. They want Northam to resign because he isn’t virtue-signalling or having a flowery display of white guilt over his past conduct. What equally enrages these crusaders is that the masses are not running around hysterical over Northam’s past behavior.  

While these crusaders want to purge everyone who’s ever done something racist or made inflammatory statements, they can’t see their own hypocrisy. It’s an open secret in Democratic circles that no Democratic politician, white or black, can expect to win black support unless they kiss the ring of racial instigators such as Al Sharpton, who once referred to the Jews as “diamond merchants” and started a pogrom against them known as the Crown Heights riots. When he ran for president in 1984, Jesse Jackson called New York City “Hymie Town” while Louis Farrakhan has claimed “Hitler was a great man” and referred to the Jews as termites.  

For African Americans, it’s drummed into you that the white man is the devil and conservatives are racist. However, recent polls show 60 percent of African Americans want Governor Northam to remain in office. Many African Americans see right through white progressives using race to keep America divided and polarized.  

If Americans are supposed to be morally outraged over racist photos of Northam,  then we should be equally outraged over our newest members of Congress who attacked Israel and made inflammatory statements against Jews.  

If we keep going down this path of allowing social justice crusaders to purge people from office based on things they did before becoming elected, how can our government function? If any person from either party will be met with partisan investigations, lawsuits, and even face jail time, how can they govern?  

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