The month of May

This is May Day. May brings Mother’s Day, Day of Prayer, Love a Tree Day, Burger Day, Memorial Day, Bring Flowers to Someone Day, Paper Airplane Day, World Asthma Day, Take your Parents to the Playground Day, National Pick Strawberries Day, Lucky Penny Day, Cinco de Mayo, National Barbeque Month, National Pet Month, Bike Month, a full flower moon, Turtle Day, Water a Flower Day, Bird Day, National Wine Day, Iris Day, Chocolate Chip Day, Vanilla Pudding Day, and Grape Popsicle Day. It brings spring, May flowers, the emerald birthstone, lilies of the valley and hummingbirds. There is so much happening in the month of May: more beautiful flowers, green fresh grass being cut, warmer weather, more insects and happier birds.


That was birds chirping in beautiful nature.

Mother’s Day is in the month of May.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world, including the mothers of pets, that show love and affection towards their babies. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom. She is a precious jewel, like diamonds and pearls, and sparkles like gold and silver. She deserves lots of flowers and gifts, showers of gold and a nice dinner. She deserves an award for best mother in the world. I love you mom. Everybody enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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