The Lessons of History

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Every year on Feb. 1, one month of events are planned all over the nation honoring and admiring African- Americans. Since 1976, every American president has proclaimed February to be African-American History Month. Today, other countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also designate a month to celebrate black history.

Black history is full of meaning and power. I love Black History Month because you always learn what people did before you were born. Learning something about black history is very important because you experience new things and you learn more and more about people who did so much for you.

Sometimes you feel sorry just because you weren’t born in that time or you were in a different country.

People such as George Washington Carver, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson will be celebrated this month. When you take time to remember the people who helped and saved your country, you feel as they did when they did lots of hard work and took a commitment to be there for our country.

Inventing, creating, investigating and making a difference can happen if you always try your hardest and be all you can be.

Black history is a time to get that. Many people in our past did what they needed to do. So, in the present, make a commitment to yourself and your community to do good and make a difference. This is what Black History Month means to me.

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