The Hard Life

Image of the silhouette of a person on a bridge.

ڪario Reale/ Flickr

The hard life was just a thought that man had taught:
Why well-meaning people gather for what they knew they would never do.

For if in life, if we told the truth:
The dream of a home to call one’s own would be an everyday thing.

For the poor would sing of champions, only if this life wasn’t so hard.
And the test would start only when one began to understand, No, OVERstand
that in the land of the brave and the free, honey for all will never be.

Look to Russia and you will see Christ was a socialist, would you believe?
Man lives and dies without ever telling a lie. Only to themselves.
No heartaches or tears. Never learn to fear and to give of oneself.

To find peace when nothing else is left, but another life.
That is not too hard at all. Only to dream of these things,
as we awaken to another of unjust day.

To keep man in a hard knock-knock life,
never right without his life’s hard works.
For his mercy and grace, let the hard work take place in life.

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