Blue, red, pink and green.
The color green.
Empathy of the planet earth
strongest base in the world.
Life, rain, the wind, the stars,
everything that’s supposed to be scary isn’t.
It’s God’s will, and only Her will
that gets us through the teacher’s power —
to know, to understand, and to redirect our children.
To the well known as green, we all grow.
We know that he or she has done the best they can.
We know that God loves the teacher.
Children, one child in this world,
I know and understand the blessing;
I get that it’s hard for them.
I understand the growth of the child.
When we were there, I am proud that my parents
taught me love, compassion, and respect.
A teacher’s love,
we need to acknowledge where they are now.
They are all strong, God-fearing children.
We love them,
they don’t give up from morning to night;
they always do their job.
We need to always be at their side,
to know a teacher is to know a saint.
Love yourself and understand love of others’ work.
The color blue:
open, living, being, purity.
The color red: represents to me when Jesus died,
all of our sins were washed clean.
The color pink: powerful, passion, beauty ­— still soft.

Our teachers are all these colors.
They need perfection, love, and honesty,
to educate us, show us love.
A teacher:
green, blue, red, pink.
(Also, black.)

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