Super Bowl LVII

I told everybody the Kansas City Chiefs would win Super Bowl 57. Had I bet on that team, I would have won a lot of money because a lot of people liked the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia played a great game. In the first half the Eagles scored so often and had such a big lead I thought they would win. But the Chiefs tightened their defense and quarterback Patrick Mahomes started finding ways to score. I think it helped him to have played in a Super Bowl and learn from that experience about reacting when your team is losing, something Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts didn’t have because it was his first. And Mahomes was hurt late in the game, but he ignored his pain to lead the Chiefs on the game-clinching drive.

I think Patrick will win more Super Bowls. But he won’t catch Tom Brady, the best ever. He won seven Super Bowls. When I watched Kansas City against Tampa Bay, Brady’s team, earlier in the season Brady told Mahomes to keep doing what he was doing. Brady also said he likes Mahomes because he’s smart and knows how to manage the game. Mahomes then said Brady is his idol and has the greatness that you try to match. (Brady started his career when Mahomes was a five-year-old!) With Brady retired, Mahomes is probably the NFL’s best quarterback. The 27-year-old has won two Super Bowls, was voted Most Valuable Player in each, and has a very bright future. The fans don’t think he will stop there. Neither do I.

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