Attention DC — I have something to say

I want to make a special request, and I need the help of all readers.
I want you to spread the word.
We need more wheelchair basketball teams. How is it possible that we don’t have as many places to play?
My dream is to play in the NBA. They are all my friends, but I would like them to open a space for me, a team for wheelchair players.
I’m a Wizards fan, and I’m very proud of everything they do in D.C., but they also need to open space for people who play in wheelchairs.
I could lead that team because my DNA is full of family members who love sports.
Since I was little, I have liked sports, and until I was 19 years old, I was able to play, and since then, I have been a professional.
Please, D.C., open more spaces for wheelchair basketball.
My cousin is Kobe Bryant. Since I saw him I knew he was my cousin because those things are felt.
He puts his foot in a way that I also put it, and I am very sad about his departure.
That is why I like playing basketball.

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