Summer 2017 at Street Sense

An issue of Street Sense in the Newseum's outdoor front page display.

Jane Cave

There are proud moments like photographing and interviewing a legendary superhero and a Giant in the Senate. But then there are PROUD moments when you get credit for having done so… like being posted at The Newseum, which is paramount public archival!

On June 29, Street Sense’s cover, featuring my interview with Senator Al Franken, was featured in the “Today’s Front Pages” exhibit at The Newseum as part of our collaboration with five other newsrooms to report on solutions to homelessness, together, for the entire day.

Ken Martin, Artist/Vendor


A photograph of Gerald Anderson sitting outdoors at a book talk.
On June 13, D.C. Public Library and the Downtown Business Improvement District invited Street Sense vendor and author Gerald Anderson to discuss his book, “Still Standing.” Photo by Ken Martin


A picture of a man holding two painted cups.
Photo by Chon Gotti

The OPX design consultancy recently invited some of us Street Sense vendors to their Dupont Circle office to auction off clay coffee cups we designed by hand with the program District Mugs. It was a warm day when we arrived at the beautiful building right across from the Metro station. The people holding the event were very friendly and could not do enough for us. Dani, our office manager, and I worked on two coffee cups together live at the event: layer after layer of paint. I was singing some of my songs for the people in the company that were also painting mugs. Some of the people asked us about Street Sense and we shared what we knew about the company and the part we play in selling the paper. We continued to talk about various topics and finally it was time to leave. To sum up our visit, the company seemed glad we came, and we in turn had a beautiful time there.

Patty Smith, Artist/Vendor


A photograph of Chris Shaw winning the Street Sense Excellence in Journalism Award, alongside Dan Zak, Kavitha Cardoza and Bill O’Leary.
Photographer Chris Shaw won the Street Sense Excellence in Journalism Award, alongside Dan Zak, Kavitha Cardoza and Bill O’Leary. Photo by Ken Martin

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