Some people think COVID-19 is a joke

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hen I first heard about COVID-19 back in December, I didn’t take it seriously, I thought, “just another disease, it’ll go away.” Then, in early March when the first two cases hit D.C., I knew the virus was real. Four months later here I am in my apartment quarantined and scared as hell. 

But guess what? The virus doesn’t scare me, but the people who don’t take the virus seriously certainly do. Like the owner of the corner store I live who doesn’t practice social distance. The guy on the bus who just coughs and coughs without covering his mouth, then gets angry when you respectfully ask him to cover his cough. And the guys crowding the outside of the store where I live who are about two feet apart and possibly spreading the virus. These are some of the things that scare me more than COVID-19 

COVID-19 is real. It’s serious. It affects everyone in the U.S. and all over the world. It’s not a game. Many have died; many more will die.  Let’s take COVOID-19 seriously. 

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