The season of Christmas

Photo of a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a candy cane being held by a hand in a brown and white mitten.

Photo courtesy of Mekht on Unsplash

Christmas, Christmas, what a wonderful time

To celebrate the season of giving

A season of togetherness

A season of laughter

A season of love

A season of warmth

A season of embrace

A season of food

A season of joy

A season of Christmas!

Christmas brings fun times,

Wonderful memories

And sweet smiles on faces

Christmas is the cool and chilly season

Where snow falls with snowmen and

Snow angels all around you

With snapping pictures of family and friends

Drinking hot cocoa by a warm fire

Eating sweets filled with love

And most importantly, giving to those who need it the most

Christmas is that time when we wrap up the presents

Do our good deeds, and bring the year to an end

We want to thank Christmas for keeping us for another year

Where we get to experience what it’s all about

Christmas is the season of JESUS

Jesus who saves, Jesus who loves,

Jesus who uplifts, Jesus who reigns

May all our hearts be filled with Jesus

May we all be filled with love

May we all experience Christmas for what the season truly is.

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