Save Our Waters, Please!

Jennifer Boyer/Wikimedia

I know that we have a problem with our water situation. Some people today really need that drinking water, just like the marine life in our same waters.

These days, we eat a lot of things that come out of our waters like fish, oysters, crabs, and lobster, which I love a lot. But there are things which are really destroying our waters like oil, pollution, and terrorism.  That is why I pray to God every day that these things don’t destroy our food and vegetables or our trees or us.

I depend on water a lot now, especially because of an injury. I will soon be having back surgery and my doctors are watching my water consumption. So people of the world, please do not destroy our water because what God created for us to survive means a lot to us. So Street Sense readers and the rest of God’s people, let us please watch the waters that both we and all of God’s creatures depend on, especially our fish. May God bless.

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