Sadly said words today to justify the cruel thoughts of men who say,

oh Lord that you know the hearts and souls of those

lose to haters hate this day the indifferences to one’s fate in life.

his words ring true for many who said, he would mislead you.

To think black lives matter, too?

Is this a truth that we have to renew?

For the old and the young and those who say their thoughts are all done,

listen closely and you will hear voices blowing in the wind, filled with thoughts of man’s sins

his words roll the tape

How can a life mean so much less today than yesterday?

Oh my Lord, I pray, please bring on the end to these days.

Oh my Lord, I pray, please bring on the end of these days and hidden tears of the night.

Dreary tears of mothers and child thinking all the while

oh Lord say it ain’t so, please say it ain’t so

the father son we know why murder for the Lord we don’t know why

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