We witness rebellion every day.
When you walk the dog and it sits and won’t walk until it feels like it.
When you are waiting in line and people won’t step up and keep the line at a standstill.
If you have to use the laundromat and people refuse to take their things out of the washer or dryer when it stops.
These are forms of rebellion.
When you take the babies out to play and they won’t stop when it’s time to go inside.
When you know that you are overweight and you don’t put a limit on yourself. Not because you can’t, but because you don’t want to this time.
That is true rebellion.
Being out of uniform on a job that requires you to wear one.
Talking loud at the library and you realize you are too loud but won’t stop.
The list goes on and on. It sometimes can be called a conflict of thought. It happens all the time.
Think about it.

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