Democrats better watch out or workers will vote Trump in 2020

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Today’s Democrats are making the same mistakes that politicians did in Atlantic City — once a thriving tourist attraction with a boardwalk, beautiful vacation homes and white sandy beaches.  

Democrats and Atlantic City’s leaders suffer from the same traits of unspeakable arrogance, denial and a refusal to pivot even when it’s suicidal not to.  

While Las Vegas was built on a desert, Atlantic City had the advantage of being between New York City and Philadelphia. But politicians managed to turn it into an eyesore with rampant unemployment, drug addiction and crime. 

The Democrats had similar advantages. From 1933 to 1970 they were the majority party. But in the late sixties the Democrats began alienating workers with liberation theology and third world identity politics. It’s been a failing strategy, but Democrats refuse to change course. Now they want capitalism abolished altogether. 

While Atlantic City forgot who vacationed and gambled at their casinos, Democrats abandoned labor for late-term abortion, gender fluidity and climate change. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won because they appealed to blue collar interests — not esoteric stuff the Manhattan and California elite care about. The average mechanic or plumber don’t care what Alyssa Milano thinks about climate change. 

Politics is about building coalitions. Do Democrats think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar expand the tent or narrow it to the few who share their ideological purity? President Donald Trump does appeals to the plumbers, carpenters and working stiffs that helped build America. He talks about revitalizing America — not using our tax dollars to build other nations that mock us. 

Some on the left actually believe waving the American flag and wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat is white supremacy. What it really means is retreating from the global arena and focusing on our own affairs. A dollar spent on the Middle East is a dollar taken from domestic priorities. America is lagging behind in education, science and our bridges are falling apart. It’s time for other nations to be more self-reliant. 

One thing I learned advocating for the homeless is that you can be utopian and idealistic, but sooner or later you need to be coherent and organized. You need to build institutions to challenge the status quo. 

Do Democrats believe the Green New Deal appeals to truck drivers, mechanics and longshoremen? Ask George Mcgovern, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis if running on higher taxes, wealth redistribution and the government controlling control every aspect of your life appeals to the deer hunter in Pennsylvania, the construction worker on Staten Island or the auto worker in Michigan.  

Democrats abandoned their formula. The only effective program is a good paying job. I want to keep what I make, and if there’s a problem in my community let the people in my community solve it. I’m not interested in having my hard-earned money distributed to people who refuse to take advantage of their opportunities. It’s my money and I want the power to control how I spend it.  

It’s workers who were the Democratic party’s bread and butter and it’s workers who will get Donald Trump re-elected. Without the workers Democrats won’t win. Believe that.  

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense Media artist and vendor. He also contributes to the Washington Examiner. 

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