Please don’t defend me, I don’t need a savior or caretaker

The Commanders uniforms.

The Washington Commanders roll out their team name and logo at media reveal. Photo courtesy of All-Pro Reels.

The one lesson I learned selling newspapers is to stay away from controversy. When someone starts blathering about Trump, abortion, LGBTQ+ issues or Israel, I politely say I’m not a political person, but a spiritual one. 

I don’t see the world in black and white. No one is all good or bad. What I discovered is that many people who come off as liberal and enlightened eventually reveal themselves to be vicious, angry people who seem to hate everything about America. They can’t put anything in context. They hate Abraham Lincoln because he said the N-word, but never ask how slavery would have ended without him. Do they think about how coal miners in company towns and children working in sweatshops have also been oppressed? 

Recently, I encountered a long-time customer who thinks he’s compassionate and caring. However, he was triggered by my jersey with Redskins on it. Although I’m part Cherokee, I think the whole controversy was foolish. Not only did they remove the name, but they also wiped out a history and culture. 

I don’t get it. We’re down to canceling names because some white guy may have been racist centuries ago. If they are outraged about the former name of the Commanders, why not remove the Cowboys and Rangers, who committed genocide on Native Americans? Let’s remove the Raiders, Pirates and Buccaneers who raided ships, slaughtered the shipmen and kidnapped women. While we’re at it, let’s remove the Patriots, because leftists hate those who believe in “America First,” or the Yankees, because most people hate them. 

I feel like I’m living in an episode of the Twilight Zone. I ask myself, what is going on? Instead of our “white saviors” fighting the people who slaughtered my ancestors, they attack me over what should offend me. If they are so outraged about Native American suffering, why not sell their land, property and 401K and return everything they own on the stolen land they benefited from? 

While the woke constantly harp on about slavery and genocide, they seem mysteriously unconcerned and silent about the slavery that exists today. Why aren’t they at the border, trying to stop the human trafficking of women and children? They claim to be fighting white supremacists, but it’s crickets when a 2-year-old is shot by someone who looks like them. 

Customers tell me they have “white privilege,” unaware of how insulting and racist they sound. What are they saying? That because they were born white they’re somehow better than and superior to me? 

Some liberals need to look in the mirror and see they have become everything they claim to hate about conservatives and Trump supporters. They are no different from the original white missionaries who tried to colonize us. First, they came with blankets and Bibles; when we rejected them, they became violent and massacred us. 

When liberals try to help us, and we say “No, thank you,” aren’t they engaging in the same behavior that Christopher Columbus and all the European missionaries have done throughout history? Didn’t they come to civilize the savages, and when they resisted, they grabbed their muskets and enacted genocide? 

Liberals can’t see they are those same people they claim to want to erase. But the more they start trivial fights over names and mascots, they better get ready for the mother of all backlashes. I never appreciated their condescending and demeaning rants over Robert E. Lee or Aunt Jemima. 

I moved past slavery and Indian removals, forgave those who enslaved and massacred my ancestors and pray for those who wronged me. They owe me nothing, nor do I want anything from them. I will settle when I leave Earth and meet my heaven.

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