Our kids need social and emotional learning opportunities 

I believe local school districts should seek ways to engage students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade with activities that provide in-person participation. As a grandmother and a former educator, I know that young persons have to be emotionally, socially, and mentally balanced, not just in academics, but in communication styles. As the United States conducts business pursuits in a global society, communication and body language play a significant role in cultivating healthy relationships, formally and informally, both in your own culture or with other ethnic groups. 

I want my grandchildren to be intellectually intelligent, but I also want them to be socially and emotionally mature. Several key components to children’s education were lost during the academic year 2020-2021 as a result of virtual learning. These include lessons about how to share classroom supplies with other classmates (such as scissors, crayons, paper, flashcards, games, videos, books, toys, and other age-appropriate supplies); how to wait your turn to ask a question or answer a question; and how to stand in a straight line. Also lost were gym classes and other recreational and after-school activities, such as soccer, tennis, swimming, football, and chess, just to name a few. 

Braided and blended government funding could provide money to offer summer and after-school programs in 2022 that would support such in-person activities. These after-school programs could be supported with digital-learning activities as necessary. And to address food deprivation and hunger in low-income wards, organizations like Capital Area Food Bank and Feeding America could provide meals that low-income children sometimes miss when schools are closed or during the weekend. 

Children who are well-rounded academically and socially will provide for our future human talent. They will be well-prepared, mentally stable adults who may become future leaders.

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