On My Way Back

Airman 1st Class Kelsey Tucker

I am a domestic violence survivor.

I was in a relationship that started out well, then became abusive. Then it became MORE abusive; we were fighting all the time and arguing in public every day. He abused me mentally and physically. I was really tired of it. I thought I could handle it by myself, but I couldn’t.

So in 2015, I tried to leave. That’s when my “boyfriend” hit me on the sly, when my back was turned, and left me for dead. By the grace of God I was able to get back up and make to the Community for Creative Non-Violence shelter. A staff person then called the police, who came and arrested my former boyfriend. They took him to jail because he had violated his parole by hitting me and abusing me.

He gave me a herniated disk. I walked around with the pain for about a month. Then it became so agonizing my doctor sent me to a specialist. After reading the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), he said my disk was ready to explode and I needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Fortunately, I recovered completely and made it back to the shelter. One day my name came up for a housing voucher. I went out to search for an apartment and quickly found two. I took the first, a two-bedroom (even though I had a one-bedroom voucher) in Southeast.

So even though I was abused and hospitalized, I have been extremely blessed. I am finding my stride again. And I really am on my way back!

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