Nowhere to be found

Photo of an orange landline telephone which is sitting on a wooden table.

Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Silence takes over as I look here, 

I look there, I look everywhere

I want to hear on the telephone call

but yet the phone doesn’t ring.

Things are not just right. What could it be? 

I can’t see where my love can be. 

She told me that she was right for me, 

But I haven’t heard anything. 

Is she all right, or can she be OK? 

When I see another day come past. 

I look around but nowhere to be found. 

Up and down, oh where can you be? 

This is like a misery that’s happening to me 

and I don’t know where you can be. 

I don’t know where she go, 

My love, where art thou?


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