‘No Address: Atlanta’

Caleta Harris’s film “No Address: Atlanta” is an excellent overview of the impact of homelessness in America. The film is narrated in a clear, understandable language without industry lingo. This is important because the changes needed to end homelessness are not self-resolvable within the population, nor is the existence of homelessness erasable without the support of every other aspect of society.

What was important to take note of was her presentation of one solution as evidence of what can be achieved. That solution was the design of container housing communities with comprehensive resources and personnel on-site It would be great to follow up with other ideas and plausible solutions to motivate, inspire and kick into action feasible, viable and comprehensive housing solutions. Ms. Harris has set a new mark in homeless documentary narratives by not just telling the story, but also providing real-life examples of how to fix the problem. We look forward to more films showing that homelessness can be ended and how to do it.

The screening was followed by an experienced panel who shared experiences and acknowledged the comprehensive need to end homelessness, along with the actual administrative, political and financial barriers.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.