My story, part V: My first job

I quit the National Guard to get a better-paying gig. I really needed the money to take care of my father. At that time it was just him, my little brother and me. Working at the National Guard wasn’t bringing enough money, so I got a job at an expensive restaurant at L’Enfant Plaza. I started as a busboy. The waitress gave me about $60 in tips every day. That, plus my $163 weekly paycheck (that was great money back in the ‘80s) provided for my needs.

Before long my supervisor wanted to promote me to short-order cook. I declined because that would have taken away my tips. Then the restaurant began having disco from Thursday through Sunday. I worked those for $50 nightly and all I had to do was clean up when the party ended.

My father was proud of me and whatever he wanted I got for him. Unfortunately, my job ended after six months when someone broke into the restaurant and stole the safe. (Yes, that person really took it away.)

I’ll tell you more next time.

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