My Childhood Pastoral

My 46 brothers and sisters
Nine biological, 14 Floyds and 23 Peoples
So appropriate because that was their last names
We had a baseball team and just seven bodies
Short of a whole Atlanta Falcons team.

The ice cream truck would come
Playing the same tune that is timeless today
Not a bright guy, because if he were
He would come to our block first and golf the day away.

I would tell him, “Sir, I’m not a tourist
You can keep your saltwater taffies —”
It would be no sooner than we’d be gone on
Vacation for the summer
Load up the van, mom, we’re going to Disneyworld.

Summer coming to an end, slow but fast
The sound of the school buses early in the morn
Securing our lunchboxes and bookbags
To my childhood pastoral and the love of school.

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