Missing my mom

My mother’s name was Catherine, she went by “Cathy” Clay. As the years go by, and it has been four years since she died, I miss her so much. When she was alive, we celebrated every holiday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both when I was home with her, and afterward when I would go back home on a holiday. Mother’s Day this year was not the same without her. All the things that I miss about her were rattling around in my mind. There are just too many things, and I can’t count them all. When I was about 12 years old, we lived on Jacksonia Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had asked her for permission to go to Jefferson’s playground. She let me go. I climbed and played on the swings. I climbed the apple trees and ate the apples, that was the favorite thing for me to do. One day, I fell off the swings and skinned my knees. I ran so fast home, crying all the way. Once inside the house, mom bandaged my knees and kissed me just to make the pain go away. Love from mom. So, I’m a little late writing this, here’s to all moms on Mom’s Day. I wanted someone to know that, like everyone else, I, too, loved and still love my mom.

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