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ome of my fond memories I have about my Dad start when I was about six or seven years old, when he used to take me on nature walks. 

I remember how I used to have a fascination with red robins and used to try to catch a butterfly.  I remember my dad caught one in his hand. I wanted to take it home. My dad always told me that I couldn’t keep butterflies because they have work that God intended for them to do. 

Then out of the blue my Dad bought this huge butterfly that actually fitted into a big pickle jar. He put a steel lid on it that he punctured with all these holes so that the butterfly could breathe. I let the butterfly out of the huge pickle jar. 

Boy, was my Mom mad at my Dad and me, because the butterfly would fly around the house and it was a bit annoying.  

I’ve never in my life ever seen another huge butterfly from that day on.  

 After my parents divorced, my Dad was still in my and my brother’s life.  Back in the early 60s, my Dad would sometimes take me and my brother to the movie theater on the weekends. That’s when we all saw “Mary Poppins”.  The “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” song was my favorite and it took me a month to say it correctly! 

My little brother and Dad were able to say it right off the bat immediately after seeing the “Mary Poppins” movie. 

They both helped me to say it correctly. Sometimes he would take us to the Natural History Museum. 

I remember how my dad would take me and my brother fishing and cook the fish as soon as we got a catch. That was a lot of fun eating too. 

I remember how my dad bought my first blue bike and taught me how to ride it without the training wheels.

Even after I flew out of the nest and had my own apartment, me and my Dad kept up the tradition of having quality time together by going to one of his favorite movies or to his favorite bar called the “Green Mill” to listen to live jazz musicians. 

I miss my Dad and our quality times together. Even after I had children of my own, he started the same tradition with his grandchildren.

My Dad passed away in 2013 and I know he is always with me spiritually. 

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