Photo of woman wearing a mask

Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt.

We wear the mask, covering our mouths and nose.            

Some dull cloth or something else I suppose.                             

Some get offended if we put it on near them.      

Look at us peculiarly wondering if we fear them.                                    

Then we say, “Oh, it’s to protect them not us,”           

Some want to argue and put up a fuss.               

Some refuse to wear it in a public space.          

Some just because of their race.                          

Some wear a mask that few can see.                  

But it’s so obvious to you and me.                      

It shows in their demeanor and actions.         

Making it worse than a virus they might be catching.                          

So is it so hard for you when I ask.                       

Can you please put on a MASK?!                               

Be safe out there!          

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