In 2007, a careful study exposed rats to THC, the active compound in marijuana, at different phases of their development: before birth, soon after birth, and prior to maturity. All three samples demonstrated significant problems with learning and memory function later in their lives. Other related studies showed that exposure to THC prior to maturity increased the likelihood that the individual would self-administer other drugs.

Scientists like Dr. Amy Porath-Waller have raised concerns about the effects of cannabis on young people. There is a need to take a pause and consider that this is the future of our country. We certainly want to prepare our youth so they can be productive members in our community. We have our downfalls. Just keep your head above water and if you feel you can’t do it, call somebody or get on your knees and pray. Regardless of what you’ve done or are about to do, He will always have your back. Like Tupac said, keep your head up cuz if you don’t love you, He always will. You’re God’s child. Just stay strong and stay true to yourself.

You’re here for a reason. Every day you walk on this planet, praise and bless Him. You are above ground, and you have 10 toes down.

Love yourself first. Then worry about everybody and everything else.

Because you can’t take everybody to Heaven if you aren’t

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