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I have sometimes looked at people who seem to have everything —nice kids, a fine home, a good job — and their good fortune has caused me to wonder how other people view them, especially if they are also healthy and good-looking. Do they have friends and are their friends many in number? Who are they? Are they a lot like them? Can they be with anyone or do they prefer to work around people like themselves?

People can be jealous of others, especially if they are going through a bad time. Is it necessary for these perfect types to consider this factor in choosing neighborhoods, clubs to join, and churches to attend?

Everyone is not going to like everyone else. Children may have to learn this fact early in school. It might be better to give an excuse and not run for class office than to be constantly defeated because the children and the other kids don’t have much in common.

Friendship is important and some friends should be made. Kids cannot just have parents as friends. Their role is chiefly that of disciplinarian, especially today. When it is believed that a child has broken the law and the police are summoned, the results can be tragic.

Sometimes people will say that they have married their best friend. If the relationship ends and they have not let anyone else into their life, they will be devastated.

If you have failed in your choice of friends in the past, just remember that at one time or another, everyone has done the same, and a few good friends will counteract a lot of bad choices.

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