Mac & Jenny: Unconditional Love

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PREVIOUSLY: Mac was sent to the principle office for getting in “another” fight at school. He met a beguiling classmate, Jenny, while his mother and the principal talked privately. Both adolescents felt misunderstood, but that’s about all they could talk about before Mac was taken away with his mother in a huff, fearing what his father would say. Mr. Johnson reacted calmly but firmly when he learned Mac was suspended, telling Mac to box up all the fancy electronics he was going to be deprived of as punishment and threatened him with “The Quiet Room…”

Walking up the driveway to the house with such sadness on his face, Mac thinks, “Is they listening to me?” He feels like no one understands. 

Mr. Johnson: [Yelling] Take those damn electronics, game, tv, phones, everything — and box it! Box it! Box it all, Now. 

Mac: But Dad! 

Mr. Johnson: But nothing. Look at me while I’m talking to you.

Mac turns back toward the street with tears running.

Mr. Johnson: Don’t know whether you understand or not. I told you multiple times… education is most important. Life. Pleasure. That all comes from education. Fighting brings nothing but misery. Now— Box. Everything.

Mac pushes open the front door and storms up the stairs, face full of tears. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson get cleaned up and discuss Mac’s punishment. Mrs. Johnson prepares dinner.

Mrs. Johnson: [Yelling]  Mac, get your butt down here and come and eat!

Both parents stand at the bottom of the stairs. Mr. Johnson walks away, so upset he’s at a loss for words. He heads to the kitchen before sitting at the dinner table. He turns and yells.

Mr. Johnson: Bring all that crap with you!

Mrs. Johnson: Boy, get that damn look off your face.

She pops Mac upside the back of his head.

Mrs. Johnson: Put these boxes down and go eat your dinner. When you finished, go back to your room.

Mac heads to the dinner table, feeling like he’s going nowhere, never. He, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Johnson sit quietly at the table, eating. 

To be continued.  

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