Listen, Lord

Listen, Lord
I haven’t been a saint,
But when sinners fall down,
Get us up, don’t faint.
Don’t pass out or pass me by.
I have been gone for a minute;
But you say all birds fly.
I was waiting and willing,
Well, my wing is still broken,
And so is my heart.
They tore up my family
And blocked my start
Took all my wealth
And tested my health.
Listen, Lord. You are always on time.
Everything happens for a reason; I have nothing left.
This is God’s favorite season.
Spring showers produce flower beds.
Sow your seed on solid ground;
You’re not the tail, but the head.
Give honor to your father.
He will never forsake or leave you.
God gets glory from your story;
That’s why he chose you.
Many are called but few get in.
Listen, Lord — I can’t give up.
It’s my breakthrough.
I want no one but you.
Please help me!
He replied — I always do!

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