Let’s talk about sex 

Content warning: This poem makes references to sexual assault 

Some of us know the story of Eve
Some of us know the story of Mary
What we need to do is talk about sex
All the good and bad things
To talk about sex
To know what is right, what is wrong
To understand
To know your body
To respect your body

To love yourself with compassion and God’s grace
When we have that talk, we’ll know what’s right and wrong
Know yourself
When you give up your house and garden,
Know it was your choice and not theirs
You did it because you wanted to
Know you aren’t easy because you gave it up quickly
Not a prude if you waited

God respects you, that is the reason she needs you
So, when it comes down to it at the end of the day, you can say no and stop
You can say yes and maybe
If your partner doesn’t respect you and decides to take you: fight, get help
Some of us feel disrespected
That pain

Never feel disrespected for no-one
Know that you are never alone
There are people that will believe you and hear you
So know you will get to a greater place at the end
With God’s love I went through the same things
That pain, shame and emptiness
I told all of my sisters
You will get better, be stronger
So, don’t ever give into loneliness
Find people that will help you
Reach out
Things you talk about now
Let’s talk about sex

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