La familia

To respect, to love, to stay true to your life.
Love life.
That feeling that’s overwhelming.
Will give anything to help.
Friends, lovers, family.
Karma works in this world.
Life. It guides us and gets us in the right direction.
When we’re feeling bad about ourselves, family steps in.
God’s love gives us direction in this world.
I learned to empathize, love, to respect all of God’s creatures.
The Italians, the Greeks, the Japanese and the Native Americans
believe wholeheartedly that family is all.
Being of all races, I believe in our family.
I believe that we all should.
When you believe this is true, you reach out and help with a home.
For a place to help them stay safe.
Help them when they need help.
Give them rest.
Know that family will always be there.
When it comes to lips, say “yes.”
Never “no.”
Say yes to helping.
Yes to love.
Yes to now.
That’s family.

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