If Donald Trump is a racist

President Donald Trump sits with Senator Tim Scott, a republican from South Carolina, at the White House.

President Donald Trump (right) meets with Senator Tim Scott, a republican from South Carolina (left) at the White House on Sept. 13, 2017. Scott led the development of bi-partisan legislation with Senator Cory Booker, a democrat from New Jersey, to identify "opportunity zones" -- economically-distressed communities where new investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. Scott and Booker introduced the bill in February 2017. It was wrapped into the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in November 2017. Official White House Photo Courtesy of Shealah Craighead

I wonder if the left realizes the strategy of calling President Donald Trump supporters white nationalists or deplorable is gaining them no converts.   

While there may be a segment of the population who is put off by Trump’s language, they will never abandon him for a Democrat — especially not when you accuse them of being a white nationalist or a Nazi.  

While the left throws out buzzwords such as “white privilege,” many Trump supporters live in areas that resemble war-torn countries. Factory closings, abandoned buildings, their kids strung out on opioids, hopelessness and despair — and what do liberals offer? Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.  

It’s not just white Trump supporters — many women and minorities are sick of the left’s labeling. I’m not a victim. I’m not suffering from the legacy of slavery. Nobody’s stopping me from owning a home, starting a business or becoming a lawyer or doctor.  

Maybe African-Americans have gotten this word “racism” wrong. All my life I have been hearing from the left that conservatives were evil and racist. In my experience, however, I get along better with conservatives than white liberals who want to silence and sanitize me. I can disagree with a conservative without ending a friendship, while liberals seem to base their friendships on sharing political ideology.  

Facts never matter to leftists, even when the truth smacks them in the face. Trump may be the most transparent human in history. If he’s a racist then why did he repeatedly say Oprah Winfrey would make a good running mate? If Trump hated people of color why did he appoint Herschel Walker to a presidential council? He helped resuscitate George Foreman‘s boxing career and his company donated food and equipment to a soup kitchen in Atlantic City.   

If the left wants to point out Trump’s past, then they should be consistent. While the president may have done unsavory things, former Vice President Joe Biden has spent a lifetime in the Senate devising policies that negatively impacted Black people. I wonder if these millennials know Biden began his political career by actively working with segregationists to deny Black children a decent education. He was also the architect of the 1994 crime bill as well as an ardent supporter of the death penalty.    

America had eight years of President Barack Obama and Biden, and Biden did nothing for the Black community. Trump may be the most pro-black president in history. He is trying to do something about our inner cities with Opportunity Zones, funding historically black colleges as well as keeping Black families together with criminal justice reform.  

How can African-Americans support Senator Kamala Harris, who as a prosecutor fought to keep the wrongly convicted in prison? How can African-Americans get behind Senator Elizabeth Warren, who used resources designed for people of color to benefit herself?  

 Does telling the truth make you a racist? I’m still trying to find out what Donald Trump said about “The Squad,” Representative Elijah Cummings, inner cities or Third World countries that wasn’t true.  

I don’t get it. African-Americans scream about racism and oppression yet they keep voting for people that keep them in their oppression. All our lives we’ve been told by white liberals that because of slavery and Jim Crow, we are victims and can’t survive without the nurturing of good-hearted white liberals.  

Trump isn’t offering free stuff. He is offering you freedom. The left wants to label you while Trump wants you to keep what you earn and pursue your dreams.  

Maybe African-Americans would be better off if we had a president who did absolutely nothing for us. When you have enemies and you are forced to compete, you’ll look out for yourself instead of looking to white liberals who feel sorry for you.  

 Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense vendor and columnist.  





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