I love sports

I love football and basketball. Growing up, my family all loved football. It was our whole life, besides work and school. Every Sunday we all got together and watched football games. Also, my family would cook dinners for everyone and we all love to eat. Back then, my team was the Dallas Cowboys. But when I grew up, I started to like New England because with Tom Brady they would win a lot at the Superbowl.

I didn’t watch basketball until I was much older. But now, I love basketball. I like to watch the playoff series. They play very hard to win. Only the teams that make the playoffs and the best two would go to the final. Some players don’t care if they win, they just like their paychecks. And you got some players who want to make a name for themselves in the NBA and the NFL. That’s why I love football and basketball. They are my favorite sports. If I would have went to school, I would be playing football because when me and my family play on the streets, that’s what we like doing all the time.

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