I believe

I believe… I believe that someday over the rainbow, the great waters will rise up over the Earth and create the nutrients we all need to cure sickness and disease.
I believe… I believe that we as the kings and queens of the earth shall inherit the vines of truth, the pillars of dignity, the statues of honor and the wealth of wisdom.
I believe… I believe that we as Fortune 500 world cruises shall someday reign supreme so that we would never have to struggle for pennies ever again.
I believe… I believe that I am the chosen one who will make a difference in people’s lives and that my journey to success starts today. This is the hour that I have been waiting for. Let me prepare to seize this moment. Now is the time.
I believe… I believe that you should sit back and just relax. Patience is a virtue. Just remember it’s one thing to say I believe, but it’s another to pronounce that I am.
So take 10 steps forward and a few steps back for I am the king. The lion growls back. I am the truth, the light, the almighty fortress of the living truth and a great force to be reckoned with.
I am the almighty Chon Gotti!

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