How to write a poem

Let your thoughts run wild all the time. Remembering when and to think again. It’s all in the Lord’s time. 

Try as you may to live in the day, never worry about what people say, no one has to know. Let your creative juices flow, it doesn’t always have rhyme line by line and word for word. It could be about something you heard the other day. It could be about children and play, at the end of the day. Poetry is just words, spoken poetically, about what one believes or what the eyes have seen.

It doesn’t have to make sense to nobody but you. Let the world do what they do. Speak to whoever they speak to, happy lines about happy times and justice denied, or people who lived in another place or time. It could be about the news of the day or just a thought about things your father used to say, or a prayer your grandma used to say. 

Make your poem the greatest poem ever written, known to man. The last prophet was a poet, that’s what some people say. And at the end of the day, the sun sets in a milky pond of water. The moon appears while raindrops fall like falling tears. A flower blooms as clouds disappear, a newborn baby swelling on his mother’s breast. A father on his way to work to fulfill the test of this life of poetry in motion. To become a star, to think of the words in your poem, doesn’t have to go too far, as long as it makes sense to you. Once again, I love writing poetry because that is what I do. How to write a poem.

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