How to mend broken bridges

Illustration of two people holding a net in a barren place

Thomas Eakins / 1882

Broken bridges are very serious wounds. Because of this, we need to allow the Lord to show us the breaks in our lives. We may have forgotten some of the things that were said or done to cause the breaks. But God will reveal them to us, if we ask Him.  

Sometimes, we cannot reconnect with someone because that person is not open to us or is not living. But we can reconnect to God. We can’t change other people, but God will show us how to love them and forgive them right where they are. God will give us His insight and His wisdom concerning our broken relationships. 

When we bring these things to the Lord, He will help us to begin to understand the people who have hurt us. Understanding them is not the same as forgiving them, but understanding helps give us insight as to what happened. That is an important part of the healing process. It is much easier to forgive and to be set free when we understand more about others, ourselves and God’s principles.  

You can always forgive, but you may not forget. Just try to put old situations in the back of your mind and don’t worry about it. Don’t forget God forgives but He won’t forget. If you love yourself and love God, everything will be fine. God Bless You all!

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