How Republicans and Trump become the home for anti-war Democrats

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Donald Trump. Photo attributed to Gage Skidmore // Flickr.

While the left has always been fragmented and disjointed one thing that united liberals were opposed to war. What drew me to the left was my opposition to war.  I grew up listening to songs such as Edwin Starr’s “War (what is it good for?),” Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”  

So it’s surreal watching liberals on CNN and MSNBC go berserk over President troops out of Syria. There’s no argument for U.S. soldiers to remain there. The objective of removing ISIS has been achieved and the global community has no intention of removing Bashar al-Assad from power.  

Even the most deranged Trump hater would have to admit that since we achieved our objectives in Syria it would be wise to pull out. This year five Americans have been killed in Syria, so even if you hate the president you would think those who preach about the evils of regime change would applaud Trump for pulling out. 

However, the only people applauding Trump are Republicans such as Rand Paul and Mike Lee. As with criminal justice reform, which once was the holy grail for leftists, opposing war is now a conservative cause. 

While should people in the heartland have to go out and fight these globalist neocon wars?  

 Both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are having a meltdown over Trump pulling troops out of Syria. Why? Because of an ethnic minority called the Kurds.  

While half the people in Washington wouldn’t know a Kurd if they tripped over one, they’re saying we have to protect them because they are our brothers. That we need to stay there forever even though these ethnic groups have been fighting since the Garden of Eden. 

You’re seeing in real-time why people embrace Donald Trump —  because there was a time when Democrats were against getting us in the ethnic and religious civil wars that rage in that region.  

America First meant investing in America, not the military-industrial complex or global regime change. Protectionism didn’t mean anti-colonialism or white supremacy — it means protecting the American worker.  

It isn’t just the Democrats. I’m not too fond of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who believe regime change wars are better ways to squander our tax dollars than creating affordable homes, jobs or getting people off drugs. 

I want out of wars and I want our money spent on America. I am a patriot and a U.S. citizen, not a global citizen. I’m for America and Americans. I’m compassionate and want to help others, but not this way. 

While Trump may not be my ideal president I don’t subscribe to this Orange Man Bad way of thinking. I’m not so blinded by hate for this man I can’t even acknowledge that getting out of wars is a good thing.  

Jeffery McNeil is a vendor and columnist for Street Sense.  

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