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The end of homelessness, how could that be?  

The Lord of us all said the poor and homeless would always be among thee.  

A test of life for the Lord to see how man gives to those less fortunate than he.  

The end of homelessness, how could that be? With a home to live in– not on the street, with lowlife, murderers and thieves,  

Regular folks, foreclosed on, trying to get back on their feet,  

And those who say shelter life is not for me.  

Remember the Lord of us all said they would always be among us to see.  

The end of homelessness, home with the thought of our Lord wherever we may be.  

That will be the end of homelessness;  

When our Lord brings us home to be,  

Living in praise of only thee 

For all the help you give to the poor and the homeless of Washington DC.  

For every day someone ends their homelessness like you and me,  

With the thought of the Lord who gives us everything.  

Helping the poor and the homeless that the Lord said would always be.  

Yes, it is a test of life to go home with the Lord forever home and be free.  

The end of homelessness.  

Yes, we can believe with our Lord, who says a thing to be and it will be.  

Homeless no more to follow our Lord Home indeed.  

Homes for all the homies and homegirls.  

And little wee ones sleeping in cars with mommies out on the streets.  

The end of homelessness; How could that be?  

With the Lord for all who believe. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.