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I was able to go to the screening for “99 Homes” and I just want to say, Give People Back Their Homes!

The movie is good, bad and ugly. My father went through filling a bankruptcy and he had to get rid of the house in which my siblings and I grew up. I think it was a short sale and we had to leave the place my grandma- R.I.P- gave him. To have to learn that way that people can get away with forging a document was horrible.

The Street Sense filmakers co-op directors were recently invited to an advance screening of Ramin Bahrani’s new film 99 Homes, which opened in District theaters on October 2, 2015. In conjunction with the film, the 99 Good Deeds campaign was created and promoted by the cast to raise funds for service providers that help people facing homelessness in 20 U.S. cities.

Read also Cynthia Mewborn’s review: “How Do You Get 99 Homes For Dirt Cheap?

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