High School is Just an Attitude!!

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I’m an 11th grader and I have one year left in high school. I’m going to tell you about what  happened to me today. Today in the hallway I was going to my next class but my friend said she would walk me. Yes I know I don’t need any help with walking to class, but we walked together. She went to her chemistry class to drop off her papers so I stopped and waited. So the teacher stopped and asked me where was my pass. I told her that I didn’t have one and that I was on my way to class. But the teacher kept asking me where was my pass. I walked off and I told her to leave me alone. Just then, my principal was coming down the steps and told me to go to her office. So I went up there. The vice principal told me she was going to send me home for being disrespectful. So basically I’m suspended. That’s how that works. What I could have done to make things better was to just talk to the teacher nicely and not give her too much mouth. All I had to do was just listen and agree with what she had to say and then go about my business.

If I had done that I wouldn’t be in trouble now. I hope to learn from this experience so this will not happen again.


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