Hi everyone

I enjoy seeing y’all faces when I can. Eboni is now in the fifth grade, and Onyx is now in the first grade. 

It has been about 10 years since I came to Street Sense. I enjoy the workshops here. And I am thankful that I still get the support I need from all the staff.

I’m hoping that they keep the workshops. There is something for everyone. I am excited for more to come and am hoping to do podcasting in the future.

I am thankful for the outlet that Street Sense Media has given artist/vendors over the years.

And I hope we can get back to doing audience engagement. I miss the forum planning committee; it was a really great opportunity for me to work on event planning skills. We had a panel two or three times per year. The topics were nice and we were doing good for the community. Everyone that volunteered was spectacular.

I like the Women’s Workshop. Now that Maria is leaving, I have an idea for an Art Therapy Workshop. Creating stuff is my thing, and everyone can enjoy. 

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