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A photo of McDonald's Golden Arches

Mike Mozart/Flickr

I was connected to the WiFi at the McDonald’s by Howard University and enjoying my McChicken sandwich with my 2-year-old, Eboni. She was eating just the bread from her McChicken sandwich. All of a sudden I saw a lady who had been browsing on her cellphone realize that her daughter was not with her. It got really serious and she began calling, Aaliyah!!! Aaliyah!!!. I was so nervous.  I love happy endings, but in reality there is a lot of people who don’t have them. I heard the woman tell  the security guard that Aaliyah had autism. The store manager, Ashley, became a hero for finding Aaliyah outside in the parking lot crying. I spoke with the store manager, she said she understood because she has kids herself. All I could say was THANK YOU.

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