Having Faith in God

Image courtesy of Cristina L.F. / flickr.com

I have faith in my God. I believe someday I will have everything I need to survive, and God will provide me with everything I need and more in the future.  

God is present and in control of all details.  

When I’m facing a physical or non-physical challenge, I believe in God and his healing power.  

Having faith in my God, no matter what has happened to me, is a great feeling. His miracle-working power in everything helps me turn away from all that is negative, and I love it.  

God will always be on your side if you are on His side: trusting in him; believing him; and always living by his rules and regulations.  

He loves us and wants us to be happy and prosper.  

Serve him and you will see how much happier you can be! 

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