Happy Veterans Day

Black and white photos combined and overlapping on a sheet of paper.

A combination of mostly historic images of African American soldiers in the Korean War, copied from a 2012 edition of The Afro that had reprinted pages from its Aug. 12, 1950 edition of The Afro American newspaper. A photo of the author’s grandfather, who served in World War II, is added at the far-right. Collage by Sybil Taylor

Please give a big flag salute to all of the vets across America for their bravery and service.

Especially for my father, who honored and served this country. He was a soldier and sergeant for the U.S. Army, a leader and a follower. He received many awards.

Happy heavenly Veterans Day, Dad! Also to my grandfather, and to the other brave soldiers and angels with them, smiling with peace and relief.

They all fought on various battlegrounds to keep America safe. Give a high salute to those who survived, as well as to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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My father was in the army in the early 1960s peacetime. But before that, he fought in the Korean War, in one of the bloodiest gun battles. People were dying instantly. Luckily, he survived to raise and care for us, before illness took him in 2015.

My grandfather fought in World War II, the deadliest war of all time.

Dad, you fought a serious battle. Grandfather, you fought hard. Now, you are both in peace. 

You, your strength, and your bravery will never be forgotten in Heaven. I love you and miss you both. Enjoy your Veterans Day.

Songs of the Army

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